Professor Wu Desheng Attended New Academician Celebration of the European Academy of Science and Art

On March 2th, 2019, Professor Wu Desheng, the Vice Dean of the School of Economics and Management, was invited by Felix Unger, the Dean of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, to attend the new academician celebration held in Salzburg, Austria, and receive the academician certificate and the commendation of the academician title.

The European Academy of Sciences and Arts is an interdisciplinary academic organization based in Salzburg, Austria, owning eight disciplines including the Humanity, Medicine, Art, Natural Science, Social Science, Law and Economics, Technology and Environmental Science, and World Religion. The agency is dedicated to discussing current researchful issues related to different subjects and cultures, as well as promoting the dialogue and communication between European countries. The European Academy of Sciences and Arts is an academic organization with an eminent reputation in science and art worldwide, currently containing more than 2,000 academicians, including 31 Nobel Prize winners.

The research areas of Professor Wu Desheng mainly focus on Risk Management and Intelligent Decision Making, more than 100 papers written by him were published in SCI journal including POM, IEEETKDE, IEEE TC, DSJ and other journals and 7 books were also published in Springer Publishing House.