Professor Shi Jianming of Tokyo Science University visited our school

On the afternoon of March 22, Professor Shi Jianming, Tokyo University of Science, was invited to visit and exchange with more than 20 teachers in our school. Prof. Wang Shouyang, the dean of our school, expressed his warm welcome to Professor Shi from afar.

Many of the participants, who had participated in the Sakura Science and Technology Program and had dealings with Professor Shi in Japan, were very cordial to meet him again. Professor Shi greeted the teachers one by one and recalled the scene when they were doing their research together.

The Sakura Science and Technology Program, also known as the Japan Science and Technology Exchange for Asian Youth Program, is organized by the Japan Science and Technology Agency. By inviting outstanding Asian youth to visit Japan for a short period of time, it aims at deepening exchanges in science and technology between future generations of Asian and Japanese youth through close cooperation between industry, academia and the government.

In July 2016, eight outstanding young teachers, including Lv Ping and Qiao Han, were sent to Tokyo Science University to conduct joint research activities in the fields of financial engineering, game theory, network economy, operation management, innovation and entrepreneurship management, and international business management. The exchange promoted the joint exploration of cutting-edge issues in the field of economic management by young scholars of the two universities, also promoted high-level academic papers publishing and influential works writing, laying the basis for further research.

Professor Shi said that the "Sakura Science and Technology Program" is a promising project and hoped to have long-term cooperation with our school. Dean Wang also talked about the various possibilities for future cooperation. Professor Lv Ping proposed to involve more students in the future and promote joint research on the premise that both mentors share the same research directions.

As the conference unfolds, more teachers were involved in the discussion to talk about the similarities and differences between Japan and China in terms of economy, culture and customs. The seminar ended in a lively discussion.