Seminar on the Curriculum for SDC’s “Double Master’s Degree Program” Held at GUCAS


A seminar on SDC’s “Double Master’s Degree Program” was held on April 12 at GUCAS. The curriculum for masters in the field of Social Science was discussed on the seminar. More than 20 professors from Denmark and China joined in the meeting and discussed the courses to be offered in groups.


It was decided that each course will be taught by a team consisting of 2 to 3 Chinese and Danish professors. Then every team conducted a detailed discussion on the syllabus, schedule, class processing methods, assessment, and textbooks. Moreover, all the professors had a heated discussion on the four public courses offered in the direction of Innovation Management and Social Welfare.


Some professors and associate professors from the School of Management will be the instructors for the program. They are Prof. Liu Xielin, Associate Prof. Wang Qian, Zhang Lingling, Tang Chaoying, Lu Ping and Assistant Prof. Gao Feiyi. What’s more, professors from Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Aero & Astro and Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS will join in the teaching.


A total of 30 candidates were admitted into the program after interviews in English by a group of Chinese and Danish experts. In the coming September, the Double Master’s Degree Program in the field of Social Science will be started and all the courses will be conducted in English.