Prof. Zhang Xiaoling from City U Hong Kong Visited School of Management

Invited by Prof. Shi Minjun, the Director of the Centre of Regional Development Research in China, Prof. Zhang Xiao Ling, the Professor of Public Policy Department, City University of Hong Kong visited School of Management on April 28th.


During her visit, Prof. Zhang first gave an academic speech entitled "pro-growth giant business, lock in sustainable urban development and effect on local political economy". The speech was mainly related about one of Prof. Zhang’s latest research papers. She combined the pro-growth machine, carbon lock-in and institute industry complex together, analyzed the environmental problems in the process of urban economic growth in China and the sustainable development with a new perspective. She mainly applied case study method to do the detailed research on the state-owned petrochemical enterprises in Nanjing.


After the lecture, Professor Zhang visited the Green Economic Research Centre and exchanged her ideas with the faculty there. She shared her research experience with the faculty in School of Management, for example, how to combine the microscopic case analysis and macro statistical analysis together, how to improve the efficiency of scientific research.


The faculty of Green Economic Research Centre introduced the scientific research of the centre to Prof. Zhang. They looked forward the cooperation in the future.