Lenovo College

Lenovo College was jointly established by the CAS and the Lenovo Group.


School of Economics and Management, UCAS offers three types of classes at the Lenovo College, namely practical Training Class, CEO Class, and Research and Study Class. 


The college aims to systematically improve students’ overall understanding of the regular patterns of technology transfer and commercial application of research achievements, to assist students in grasping current trends of policies and practices related to technology transfer both at home and abroad, to enhance intellectual property rights management level for research institutes, to facilitate technological cooperation between research institutes and enterprises, and to guarantee interests of the research institutes during the business operation process. Based on that, Lenovo College exerts great efforts in speeding up the industrialization of innovative technological achievements of research institutes as well as nurturing a great number of technical talents in business administration, thereby making the college a top-class institute in China for cultivating technical talents with great entrepreneurial spirits.

The prospective students of this program are the project managers from institutes of CAS, managerial personnel primarily responsible for technology transfer and technological result industrialization, head of organizations such as technology transfer center, engineering center and managerial and technical principals of technological start-ups. Each class enrolls 30-40 students for each term of study.
Since the beginning of 2008 the college has launched thirteen terms of practical training classes, two terms of CEO classes and one term of research and study class, which has received recognitions from the CAS and the society.