Research Center for Cyber-Economy and Knowledge Management

The center was founded in 2004 and Professor Lu Benfu serves as the director. Currently there are three full-time professors, four associate professors, two assistant professors and a number of part-time researchers in the center.

The center is devoted to carrying out research on Cyber-Economy and Knowledge Management, promoting the cooperation between School of Management with the industrial field and relevant organizations, and assisting School of Management in the teaching courses regarding Cyber-Economy and Knowledge Management and MBA courses. It has undertaken a number of projects entrusted by the Ministry of Science and Technology, National Natural Science Foundation of China and other local governments, as well as research commissioned by well-known enterprises.

Since its founding, the center has successfully organized “Economic Management Frontiers Forum” and “Entrepreneur Lecture Series”. A number of academicians, management experts, government officials as well as domestic and overseas well-known entrepreneurs were invited as guest speakers. To meet the needs of discipline construction and teaching, the center has been strengthening contact and cooperation with enterprises, including China National Petroleum Corporation, China Three Gorges Corporation, Yahoo/3721, Google, Baidu, Ali Baba / Taobao, Tencent, etc.

Research Areas

Cyber-Economy;E-commerce;Cyber-Marketing;Enterprise Informationization;Knowledge Management;Revenue Management;Operational Management; Logistics Management;Game Theory and Information Economics

Principle Membership

LU Benfu                     SHI Yong                  ZHANG Yanchun

ZHANG Lingling           PENG Geng              WANG Qian

LIANG Dongsheng        LIU Ying                   SUN Yi

Joint Laboratory of CAS- Reuters Financial Risk Management

Joint Laboratory of CAS-Reuters Financial Risks Management (hereinafter referred to as Joint Lab) was established under the agreement signed in October 2004 among CAS Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, GUCAS and Reuters Group, the global leading information provider.

With software and hardware equipment donated by Reuters, the Lab is a financial risk management research center and an educational facility for talent nurturing. Being recognized as a first-class research, educational and training platform in China, the Joint Lab has set its goal of developing into a research, educational and academic exchange institution catering to strategic requirements  in ensuring national economic and financial security with enormous influence at the frontiers of international economic and financial development, as well as the most prestigious consulting and training center in China satisfying the needs of Chinese financial market development.

Major functions include innovative research in the area of financial risk management, talents nurturing in financial derivatives transaction and risk management, research and development of financial derivatives and financial risk management system, as well as policy research on China’s financial and economic security.