Research Center for Enterprise Management

Founded in 2001, Research Center for Enterprise Management has a strong academic strength with many well-known academic leaders. In the center, there are four full-time professors, three associate professors, four assistant professors, and a number of part-time professors and associate professors. Professor Zhao Hong is the director of the center.

The Center aims at carrying out research on enterprise management, fostering cooperation between School of Management, businesses and other relevant organizations, assisting School of Management with teachings on Enterprise Management postgraduates and MBA students, and enhancing cooperation with relevant research institutes. In the last few years, the center has actively conducted research and undertaken 22 major domestic and international research projects, 13 state-level projects, including Cooperative Training Mode of the Astronaut Group, a project sponsored by China’s Astronaut Selection and Training Center, Brain Science Basis of Emotional and Social Cognition, a project under the 973 Program sponsored by China’s Ministry of Science and Technology, and Stigma and Behavioral Health in Urban Employers from China and the USA, a major project sponsored by the NIMH, the results of which have received high attention from relevant state leaders and departments. In addition, the center has successively taken on six provincial and ministerial-level projects, and 13 projects entrusted by local governments and enterprises, published over 150 academic papers and obtained eight awards for scientific achievements. Besides, the center has also developed comprehensive cooperation with government bodies in terms of professional qualification, such as the IPMA-CP Qualification Test recommended by the UNESCO (IPMA, undertaken by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs), National Human Resource Manager Professional Qualification which is undertaken by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (MOHRSS), National Talent Evaluator Professional Qualification Test (undertaken by the Talent Exchange Center, MOHRSS), and National Employee Assistance Qualification Test.

Since its establishment, the center has staged many international and domestic academic events. It has organized “Business Management Frontier Forum” and  “Entrepreneur Lecture Series” for several times and has successfully invited academicians from both Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), management experts, government officials and famous entrepreneurs as key speakers. Moreover, it has launched international exchange and cooperation projects with numbers of universities and colleges, such as University of Groningen (Netherlands), Tulane University (US), Queensland University of Technology (Australia), Lingnan University (Hong Kong), Tamkang University (Taiwan), Seoul School of Integrated Sciences and Technologies (Korea), and established extensive exchange and cooperation platforms with local governments, businesses as well as noted partner universities and colleges both at home and abroad. Based on the needs of research and education, the center also works closely with several industry partners including Lenovo, China Hualu Group, Zhongya Software, Far East Holding Group, Datong Coal Mine Group, Kailuan Group and China Unicom. Additionally, the center also jointly holds the “Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu Science and Technology Forum” with the governments of Beijing Haidian district and Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone.

Research Areas

Strategic Management; Brand Strategy; Marketing; Enterprise Bionics; Organizational Culture; International Business Management; Accounting, Corporate Financial Analysis; Service Management; Organizational Behavior; Human Resource Management

Principle Membership

ZHAO HONG            DU Cheng                  SHI Kan               ZHANG Jianfang

WANG Dongmei        TANG Chaoying         XIAO Jianhua        ZHANG Qiuliu

LI Hong                     GAO Feiyi                 QU Rujie