Research Center for Innovation and Strategic Management

Research Center for Innovation and Strategic Management incorporates CAS’s features and gives play to its advantage in S&T innovation. Founded by Professor Zhou Jizhong, Professor Liu Xielin is the present director. Currently there are six full-time professors, four part-time professors, two associate professors and two assistant professors in the center. It also has about twenty post-doctoral and post-graduate students.

The center aims to enrich the students’ knowledge of science and technology management, innovation management and strategic management in order to enhance student’s independent innovation ability. The center has undertaken a large number of key issues of National Natural Science Foundation and projects entrusted by the Ministry of Science and Technology, State Environmental Protection Department and Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission. Beyond that, the center also has a number of projects from both local and overseas enterprises.

It has academic exchanges with many well-known universities in the United States, Sweden, Belgium and India. The researchers also actively participated in many world-leading academic events and presented their important research findings. In addition, the center has developed cooperative research and training centers with some well-known enterprises such as Lenovo College. Over the years, the center has received a significant number of domestic awards, for example, the third prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, Second Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of the State Science and Technology Commission, First Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of the Ministry of Education.

Research Areas

Innovation Management;Business Strategy and Change;Entrepreneurship Management;Production Control;Enterprise and Science and Technology Policy

Principle Membership

DENG Maicun                GAO Peng               LIU Xielin                ZHOU Jizhong

GUAN Jiancheng            XU Yanmei              GONG Qiguo           LU Ping

LU Tao                          ZHOU Jianghua