Two American Academicians presented their talks at School of Management, UCAS

Two distinguished professors from the University of Miami – Professor Daniel Berg and Professor James M. Tien, visited the University of Chinese Academy of Science and gave a joint presentation “On the Emerging Technologies and the Internet of Things” today in the UCAS auditorium.


This joint presentation introduced some fundamental thoughts about the management of emerging technologies. It also lead to the discussion of Big Data and the benefits of Internet of Things that function in real-time, resulting in an overwhelming economic advantage to the industrialized countries.


Professor Daniel Berg, a distinguished Research Professor in the University of Miami’s College of Engineering and a member of the American Academy of Engineering, introduced the critical parameters of the emerging technologies: First, though it is very difficult to predict the impact of an emerging technology, it is very important to have an understanding of the technology’s ultimate capacity and what it takes for the technology to be successful. Second, in order to successfully handle the emerging technology, the society needs highly knowledgeable people who can exploit and maximize the usefulness of the technology when it becomes available to the public. 




Professor James M. Tien, a distinguished Professor and the Dean of College of Engineering of the University of Miami and a member of the American Academy of Engineering, introduced the Internet of things in the latter half of the presentation. Professor Tien first explained the difference between Goods and Services. Unlike Goods, which are pre-produced. Services are Co-Produced and real time. Second, he talked about the ongoing fusion of the goods and the services sectors that is reflected in the world-wide recognition and development of mass customized Servgoods and Connected Servgoods. Finally, Professor Tien shared his opinions on the topic of Big Data and analyzed the difference between Traditional and Big Data Analysis Approaches. Though he believes Big Data is critical in order to make more informed decisions and solve grand challenges, Professor Tien also expressed his concern about the popular topic. “Though I think big data can help us solve many challenges we face,” he said, “I’m also concerned because Big Data can be very dangerous as well. What we have to realize is that Big Data is the promising solution to many things, however, it is the not solution to everything”.




Two professors’ excellent talk led to an exciting discussion afterwards. Students asked questions on different topics ranging from Artificial Intelligence to Engineering Ethics, the professors were very happy to answer the questions and share their opinion with the students. (Writer: Richard Li)