The Second Lecture of “Canal Famous City Forum” Finished

The second lecture of “Canal Famous City Forum” hosted by EDP Center of School of Management was held at Linqing, Shandong Province on April 18. The forum was actually a training course for governmental leaders of Linqing City. Base on the surveys made at Linqing, EDP Center had made customized training plan and arranged excellent teachers to do the teaching.


Prof. Chi Hong was invited to give lectures on the forum. His topic was “Emergency Management Case Study”. More than 380 governmental officials attended the forum. In his lectures, Prof. Chi analyzed the necessity of governmental department in emergencies from the angle of theory and practice. He put forward specific measures to improve the image of government in emergencies, so as to solve the emergencies as quickly as possible.


After the forum, Mr. Zhang Rongyuan, Executive Director of Organizing Department of Linqing Committee summed up the training. He thought that the lectures were very helpful to the construction of emergency management capability. He also required that the trainees should evaluate what they had learned, and put forward measures to prevent emergencies.