The Founding Partner of Kaixing Capital Mr. Shijian Pan Analyzed “Golden Decade of Sports Industry”

On the afternoon of May 16,the well-known investor Mr. Shijian Pan delivered a lecture entitled “An investor interpret about the golden decade of sports industry”. He deeply analyzes the trend of sports industry development and the investment opportunity to the Master of finance students.


Mr. Pan reviews the economic structure changes. He pointed out that the 20 years golden age of real-estate has ended. He start to pay more attention on the sports and cultural industry. He has established Kaixing Capital. His investment direction focuses on sports industry. Compared with the culture industry, sports industry is no relation with ideology as well as beyond the cultures and race. So it is more secure for the investor. There are lots of advantages for the development of sports industry, specially the consumption structure upgrade.

Mr. Pan also express his own opinions about intellectual property rights. He believes blindly introduce the foreign sports is inappropriate. 

Many students discussed with Mr. Pan in depth about venture investment to sports industry and gym business. The students expressed their gratitude with warm applause to Mr. Pan in the end.