Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Innovation Symposium Successfully Held in SEM

The morning of May 15, small and medium-sized enterprise innovation symposium was held. The theme of the symposium is mall and medium-sized enterprise innovation and establishing science and technology innovation enterprise alliance. Vice secretary of SEM Hongjun Tan host the symposium.

Attendees included: former vice president of CAS researcher Bailing Yang, former members of the Ministry of Science and Technology Mr. Jing’an Zhang, deputy director of Science and Tchnology Policy Bureau of CAS Hao Chen, the chief editor Ma Min of magazine High-tech and Industrialization, executive director of Yixiu Capital Mr. Da Shen and vice dean of SEM Prof. Jichang Dong etc.

Bailing Yang speak first. He thinks the main body of technological innovation is enterprise. We should pay more attention to the application of independent intellectual property rights in high-tech enterprises. Prof. Jicang Dong introduced the new ideas and specific implementation way of SEM about "Innovative and Entrepreneurship" and the purpose of establishing the alliance of small and medium-sized enterprises. Jing’an Zhang made suggestion about how CAS provide more services for enterprises. The guests debates on the enterprise how to innovate as well as science and technology how to truly serve the enterprises.

We believe this symposium laid a solid foundation for further establishing "the science and technology innovation enterprise alliance"