Prof. Yusen Xia from Georgia State University (GSU) Visited SEM and Delivered an Academic Report

The afternoon of May 27, at the invitation of Dean of SEM Prof. Shouyang Wang, Prof. Yusen Xai from GSU visited SEM and delivered an academic report entitled “Evaluating the Impact of Strategic Decisions on Firms’ Financial and Operational Performance”.

Prof. Xia divided corporate performance into two types: short-term and long-term performance. First he introduced data acquisition platform(Security Data Company, Center for Research in Security, and Wharton’s Compustat Database)which used to analyze the evaluation of these two types of corporate performance. Then he detailed introduced the method about how to design event study analysis of company short-term performance. At last, Prof. Xia emphasized the differences in theoretical assumptions and methods used between short-term and long-term performance from the perspective of empirical analysis.

Prof. Xia discussed a series of questions with the other professors and students about how to obtain the comprehensive enterprise data, how to deal with company data and online sales strategy.