General Information

UCAS has started to admit international students since 2004. Currently there are 1866 international students from 96 countries and regions around the world, among which 1153 are doctoral students, ranking first in China.


Based on the high-level research advantages and high-level human resources of CAS, UCAS is a "big university" that has four campuses in Beijing, five education centers outside Beijing and more than 110 CAS institutes throughout China. At various CAS institutes, there are 5 National Laboratories, 82 State Key Laboratories, 196 CAS Key Laboratories, 42 National Engineering Research Centers (Laboratories) and numerous national frontier scientific research projects, providing a solid and formidable scientific practice platform for student's education.


Applicants of UCAS can apply for Chinese Government Scholarship, ANSO scholarship, Beijing Government Scholarship and UCAS Scholarship for International Students, etc. In 2020, 80% of the students who are pursing degrees at UCAS were funded by the above mentioned scholarships and other financial support from international organizations, foreign government and local universities.


UCAS implements a centralized accommodation management and logistic support system towards international students. It provides on-campus accommodation to the international students admitted by CAS institutes in Beijing, UCAS faculties and the ones admitted by CAS institutes from other areas who are attending centralized training courses in Beijing. The campus is also equipped by advanced teaching equipments and logistic support system. All these create a good learning and living environment for international students.


UCAS warmly welcome excellent young students from all over the world!


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