General Information

School of Management, through the central admission system of GUCAS, offers the following programs to foreign students and students from Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan: Master Program, PhD. Program, Program for Regular Visiting Students, and Program for Senior Visiting Students.



Program Duration


It takes 2-3 years for students to complete the Master Program, and 3-4 years to complete the PhD. Program.


A graduation certificate and a degree will be conferred to the students upon their successful completion of the curriculum and the defense of degree dissertation, and upon their meeting of all the other requirements stipulated by the GUCAS Degree Conferring Regulations.


Students who are unable to successfully complete their curriculum, or are disqualified from presenting degree dissertation, or fail their defense of degree dissertation will be permitted to continue their study as visiting students or will be asked to quit their study, depending on the individual situation.


The program for all visiting students is no more than 2 years. A certificate will be issued upon a student’s meeting of his/her program requirements.




1. Application Processing Fee 
Master Program and PhD Program: RMB ¥600 ( 600 Yuan RMB); 
Program for Regular Visiting Students and Program for Senior Visiting StudentsRMB ¥450 ( 450 Yuan RMB). 

2. Tuition Fee

Master Program: RMB ¥30,000 /year (30,000 Yuan RMB per year);

PhD Program: 
Liberal Arts: RMB ¥34,000/year (34,000 Yuan RMB per year) 
All Other Disciplines: RMB ¥40,000/year (40,000 Yuan RMB per year); 
Program for Regular Visiting Students: RMB ¥2,600/month (2,600 Yuan RMB per month); 
Program for Senior Visiting Students: RMB ¥3,000/month (3,000 Yuan RMB per month). 

3. Extra Fieldwork Expenses:
Extra activities dealing with experiments, fieldwork and travels beyond the education plan stipulated by GUCAS. 

4. Other Personal Expenses: 
Room and board, medical treatment, insurance and teaching materials, etc.

Contact Information


International Students Office

Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

19A Yuquanlu, Beijing 100049, P.R.China


Tel: (86-10)88256206




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