Library resources include UCAS Library and The National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences (NSLC) .


UCAS Library is composed of Yanqi Library and Yuquan Library, which provide resources and services of teaching materials and reference books, comprehensive books, periodicals, newspapers and electronic resources, etc. With elegant reading environment, and advanced supporting facilities, the library has become a relaxing place for readers to enjoy knowledge.


(NSLC) is the research library service system of CAS as well as the National Library of Sciences in Chinese National Science and Technology Libraries (NSTL) system. NSLC functions as the national reserve library for information resources in natural sciences, inter-disciplinary fields, and high-tech fields, serving the researchers and students of CAS and researchers around the country. It also provides services in information analysis, research information management, digital library development, scientific publishing (with its 17 academic and professional journals), and promotion of sciences.