Management Review

Launched in 1989, Management Review is a monthly academic journal sponsored by UCAS and organized by the School of Economics and Management.

It is an A-tier journal accredited by the Department of Management Sciences of National Natural Science Foundation of China, Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index (CSSCI) journal, Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD) source journal, and national Chinese core journal.

In the principle of perspectiveness, practice-orientation and innovation, Management Review comments on the discipline frontiers of management, spreads and inherits the new thoughts of the management field, explores the new technologies and approaches supporting management theories, pays constant attention to theoretical and practical  issues arising in the areas of corporate management, public management, financial management and industrial organization, and progressively promotes the development of management disciplines and improves their application level.

For now, Management Review has been generally accepted by both academic and industrial fields as a leading journal in the management domain. In 2010, it ranked the seventh place by impact factor, and “management” took the fourth place on the integrated ranking in accordance with the index of academic papers reprinted by the Material in the Copy Press of Renmin University.