Programs Overview

School of Economics and Management has four degree programs, namely, Ph.D degree program, research master's degree program, MBA program, and professional master of finance program.


The Ph.D. degree program is 5-year full-time (successive postgraduate and doctoral program for extraordinary students) or 3-year full-time (Ph.D. only). This program focuses on training in high-quality original research with emphasis on theoretical innovation, emphasizes profound knowledge in a specific discipline, and develops sophisticated critical thinking skills. It advocates balanced engagement in research and practice through field research, seminars with scholars and experienced practitioners, international exchanges, and the study of high-quality research papers that address real-world problems.


The School’s Research Master’s degree program is a 3-year full-time program in science, which aims to achieve the integration of theory and practice. It is comprised of four disciplines: Management Science and Engineering, Business Administration (including Enterprise Management), Applied Economics, and Finance and Statistics. Our research MSc program is research-oriented and focuses on deep understanding of theory and mastery of research paradigms. To help students better engage in academic research, research MSc curricula consist of advanced courses in theory and research methods and projects in research and consulting. Integration of theory and practice is included in the learning goals and objectives of the program.


The MBA program includes a General MBA (full-time and part-time), Finance MBA, Innovation and Entrepreneurship MBA, and Belt and Road MBA. All MBA programs have specific aims and targeted measures to ensure the fulfillment of program objectives. The General MBA program aims to cultivate potential business leaders with systematic thinking and scientific decision-making capabilities, a sense of social responsibility, and an international perspective. The Finance MBA program utilizes the superior teaching resources of the School and CAS institutes in finance and management, and aims to continuously provide graduates with broad international perspective, financial expertise, and comprehensive management capabilities relative to the financial sector. The Innovation and Entrepreneurship MBA program exploits strong teaching resources, research achievements, and immense commercialization potential for innovation and entrepreneurship management in CAS with the goal to send to Chinese companies high-end innovative graduates and potential business leaders with a broad international perspective, pioneer spirit, strong sense of innovation, entrepreneurship expertise, all-around management capabilities, and outstanding leadership skills. The Belt and Road MBA Program is designed to serve the national "Belt and Road" initiative. The program is committed to building a talent training, scientific and technological innovation and industrial services in one integrated platform. It focuses on developing trade management graduates with international vision and management skills in emerging markets.


The Professional Master of Finance Program is a 2-year full-time program. Similar to the postgraduate degree program in the British system, it is practice-oriented and provides students with a comprehensive and professionally-focused overview of industry. It is designed to offer theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in Finance and Statistics and helps to lay a solid foundation for those whose aim is to pursue a career in finance, investment, or other business fields.