Job Openings at School of Economics and Management

School of Economics and Management, UCAS is a research-oriented school. In order to build a high-level teaching team corresponding to world-class universities, the school recruits excellent talents in the fields of management science and engineering, economics, business administration at home and abroad, especially in the fields of Applied Economics, statistics and data science, accounting and financial management, finance, operation management, marketing and human resource management.


1. Vacancies for Honor System

Chair Professor: no more than 60 years old (except academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering); with high-level original research achievements recognized by international peers, or make significant contributions to the research field of national strategic needs; leading researchers in the world. For example, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences or the Academy of Engineering, or academicians of the Academy of Sciences or the Academy of Engineering of developed countries; Outstanding talents selected into the "national special support plan"; first prize of National Natural Science Award, National Technological Invention Award or Aational Scientific and Technological Progress Award; Chair professors of well-known overseas universities, etc.

Distinguished professor: no more than 55 years old; ability to lead the discipline to catch up with or surpass the international advanced level in frontier fields; with original research and key technology research and important landmark achievements, or important achievements and irreplaceable contributions in serving the national strategy and economic and social development. For example, winners of "National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars"; Leading talents of "national special support plan" (excluding leading talents for scientific and Technological Entrepreneurship); Leader of innovation team of Ministry of Education; Leader of innovation research group of NSFC, etc.


 2. Vacancies for Tenure System

Professor: no more than 50 years old; active in teaching and scientific research, with academic achievements recognized by international peers and considerable international popularity and influence, well-performed in teaching and postgraduate training, with the level of lifelong professors in world-class universities.

Associate Professor: no more than 45 years old; with good teaching ability, competent for the role of tutor in training graduate students,original and important scientific research achievements in research and considerable popularity and influence in the field, and reaching the level of lifelong associate professor in a world-class university. 

Assistant professor: no more than 40 years old, with a doctorate; Overseas applicants should generally have 3 years or more of overseas scientific research experience.Domestic applicants should have at least 3 years of scientific research work experience or experience as associate professors or equivalent positions.


3. Special research assistant: outstanding doctoral graduates and postdoctoral researchers in well-known universities at home, with excellent innovative research achievements,  having publisheed high-level academic papers in the first-class academic journals of the discipline as the first author or corresponding author, and with outstanding scientific and technological innovation potential. 


4. Research Assistant: engaged in scientific research, experimental (Engineering) technology and scientific research management in the college. Bachelor degree or above, fresh graduates in 2022 are preferred.


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