Alumni Associations


By 2015, more than 3000 graduate students had graduated from the School of Economics and Management, UCAS, and became the leading force and hard core in various aspects of life. In their professional and social life, they are highly committed to the school motto - "Rich in Knowledge and Tenacious of Purpose, To Disseminate Virtue and to Investigate the Way of Things” and the school spirit –“Truth Seeking, Enterprise, Open-Mindedness, Practicality, Ingenuity and Creativity”.

On 17th September, 2011, School of Economics and Management Alumni Association was founded with the strong support of UCAS, School of Economic and Management and a large number of alumni. The association aims to serve the school and alumni by enhancing connections and interactions between alumni, and by providing with extended education service.

Recently, in the areas of entrepreneurship, management innovation and financial development, our Alumni Association has successfully built many communication channels for alumni, such as the “Annual Alumni Day”, “Alumni Forum”, “Spring Festival Party”, and many other activities based on various topics and economic events.

In addition, for the development of the School of Economics and Management and the education of social elites, the Alumni Association also actively participates in various areas of the School of Economics and Management, including teaching, research, and student development activities.

Later, in order to provide the alumni with finer services, Alumni Association Real Estate Industry Branch, Alumni Association Finance Industry Branch, Alumni Association Taiwan Branch, Alumni Association Xinjiang Branch, and Alumni Association Shanghai Branch were founded. The alumni are playing a more and more important role in the development of the School of Economics and Management.