EDP Program

EDP ( The Executive Development Programs ) aims to provide courses for executive leaders and decision makers. EDP Center of the School of Economics and Management designs non-degree programs according to organization’s development needs, aiming to help executives broaden their thoughts of decision, learn and master the most advanced management means and concepts, so that they can analyze and judge domestic and international political and economic situations, and handle challenges and tests with broader views, better foresights and more rigorous thinking.


EDP Center offers long-term courses and customized courses. The courses include quantitative management, big data application and Internet innovation, innovation management, regional development strategy, Social harmonious governance, leadership, PPP, Internet finance, economic forecast, financial innovation, Go Global Strategy of Chinese enterprises, data model and decision, cooperate finance, strategic management, marketing, management economics, organizational behavior and human resources, financial statement analysis, operation management, project management, innovation cases study, corporate governance, management communication, knowledge management, business intelligence and data mining, E-business and cyber economy, regional development and policy, real estate economics and finance, macroeconomics, Chinese traditional learning and management.