Cheng Siwei Reading Room Was Set Up in UCAS

On April 8th, 2016, the spring breezes, the sun shines. It was an important day for Yanqi Lake Campus Library of UCAS as Cheng Siwei Reading Room was Set Up here.


Cheng Siwei Reading Room was set up by Mr. Cheng’s wife Ms. Shu Yunyi and his children with a total donation of over twenty thousand books owned by Mr. Cheng, which covered economics, management, chemistry engineering, social sciences, arts, education and etc.. Mr. Cheng’s family hopes to pass Mr. Cheng’s spirit of diligence and make more teachers and students enjoy the happiness of reading and benefit from it by setting up the reading room.


At 10AM, the reading room opening ceremony was held on the first floor of the library. Ms. Shu Yunyi and other Mr. Cheng’s family members; deputy Party Secretary, Vice President of UCAS, Vice Chairman and General Secretary of UCAS Education Fund, Dong Junshe; Dean of School of Economics and Management of UCAS, Vice Chairman of UCAS Education Fund, Wang Shouyang; Deputy Secretary and Office Director of UCAS Education Fund, Zeng Mingbin; Vice Executive Director of the library, Zhu Yi; Assistant to Dean of School of Economics and Management of UCAS, Associate Prof. Lv Ping; Assistant to Dean of School of Economics and Management of UCAS, Associate Prof. Qiao Han attended the opening ceremony. Some of the teachers and students from School of Economics and Management of UCAS also joined the ceremony. Deputy Party Secretary Tan Hongjun chaired the ceremony.

Wang Shouyang spoke at the ceremony first.He deeply cherished the memory of Mr. Cheng, and sincerely thanked Mr. Cheng’s family for their generous donation. He recalled his time working and studying with Mr. Cheng. He hoped the teachers and students of School of Economics and Management of UCAS to follow Mr. Cheng’s teaching, carry forward virtual economics and virtual business disciplines.

Mr. Cheng’s daughter, Director of Cheng Siwei Fund, Cheng Zhuo said in her speech, her father Mr. Cheng had read over thirty thousand books during his life time, which means 1.5 books was read by him every day. Cheng Zhuo also shared the story of how reading changed Mr. Cheng’s life track.


PhD candidate Wang Xuan recalled his time studying with Mr Cheng. While talking about Mr. Cheng, Wang Xuan seemed to have a lot to say. He had been studied with Mr. Cheng since 2011. In nearly 5 years, he had built up a remarkable relationship with Mr. Cheng. In his eyes, Mr. Cheng was not only a great politician, but a learned scholar, an elder caring young generation, a kind grandfather. Mr. Cheng’s rigorous scholarship had deeply influenced Wang Xuan.


Mr. Cheng is praised as "the Father of Venture Capital in China". He is the former Deputy Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Chinese People’s Congress and a famous economist in China. He had been the Dean and the PhD Supervisor of School of Management, UCAS, the Director of CAS Research Center on Fictitious Economy and Data Science since 2001. He passed away in Beijing on July 12nd, 2015 at the age of 80.


Over the years, Mr. Cheng has actively promoted the construction and development of innovation and entrepreneurship, finance and other related disciplines of the School. He encouraged the exchange and cooperation between the School and well-known foreign universities and research institutions, and paid attention to the training and education of young teachers and graduate students of the School. He hosted financial seminars every two weeks and opened several courses for the students, such as economics, finance and economics tailored to the Chinese situation. He used his profound knowledge and rational thought for providing advice and suggestions about national development and made an outstanding contribution to economic and social development, training young talents, and exploring frontier theory. All his life has been dedicated to the reform and development of China.


In the end of 2015, Mr. Cheng’s family donated all his wages and remuneration to UCAS Education Fund and set up “Cheng Siwei Fund”.  One part of Cheng Siwei fund named “Cheng Siwei Scholarship Fund” is used to award outstanding teacher in economics and management disciplines. Another part of Cheng Siwei Fund called “Cheng Siwei Research Fund” is used to support research and theoretical innovation in venture capital, virtual economy and virtual business.