Visit To English Harvel Technology Innovation Center And ISIS Neutron Fusion Source Was Completed

From March 22-28, in order to complete the project ‘neutron fusion source of Dongwan City correlative industry distribution and development strategy as well as the study of procurement’, the principal of the School of Economics and Management, associate professor Zhang Ling Ling, the vice director of High Energy Physics of China, Pro. Chen Ping Wei, Pro. Yang Zhen of Research Administration Office, Pro. Shang Zhi Cong of School of Humanities of UCAS and MBA student Wang Qiao visited English Harwell Campus and ISIS neutron fusion source. During their stay, they received a warm welcome from the director of English ISIS Neutron fusion source, Robert McGreevy, the director of the department of diffraction, Sean Langridge and ISIS chief scientist professor Zhang Shu Yan.

The CSNS project is a significant project of scientific infrastructure launched during the ‘eleven five’ project. The first stage of the neutron source project starts at May, 2012 and plans to end at 2018. This project not only holds great scientific value, but can also have a strong driving effect to the whole industry. As a result, the city Dong Wan hopes to adopt the successful experience of English Luther Apton National Laboratory. With the neutron fusion source as the center, build a neutron science city about 20 square kilometers, introduce more national class or even world class science equipment and laboratories, as well as a lot of research centers. At the same time depending on the driving effect of the radiation of neutron fusion source to develop new materials, nuclear technology, biological medicine and scientific service, improve the commercialization of the results of neutron fusion source and serve the industrial transformation of Dong Wan city.

As the most successful technological innovation center, English Harwell Innovation center provided Chinese neutron fusion source with valuable experience. During a week-long investigation, Zhang Lingling investigated the English Harwell Technological Garden and ISIS neutron fusion source center, visited the management company of Harwell Garden, Neutron physics and commercial development department, research equipment department... She also had a deep conversation with the director of English ISIS Neutron fusion source, Robert McGreevy, ISIS diffraction director Sean Langridge… She also studied the successful experience of ISIS neutron fusion source and provided a direction for the industrialization of the Chinese neutron fusion source.

At the end of the investigation, the director of the English neutron fusion source Robert McGreevy and other directors provided many valuable advice for them.