Pro. Liu Xieling Attended The Fourth China-Germany Innovation Meeting And Made Report

On April 13th, the 4th China-Germany innovation committee was held at Berlin. This committee was held by Chinese technology department and German research department. It is an important dialogue mechanism under innovation platform with the purpose to attract more government support and the participation of enterprises which supports innovation reformation for both countries. At this conference, both governments and representatives of enterprises had a deep conversation about innovation, environmental reservation, climate change and energy crisis…

As a special guest expert, Pro. Liu Xielin made a report about the pattern for National Innovation program. He reviewed the development of innovation as well as its influencing factor within the recent decade. He also analyzed the change in technological innovation and the cooperation between both countries.

This conference provided opportunity for both parties to communicate and cooperate. Experts from different backgrounds finally have the opportunity to talk about innovation and cooperation. This became a milestone for the cooperation between China and Germany and will lead the cooperation between China and Germany into a new era.