Associate Professor Yan Yan Delivered a Speech Entitled “Model First to Governing the Country by Thought” At The “ Science,Education,Life,Future (SELF)” Forum

April 17, the sixth SELF Forum which is sponsored by Computer Network Information Center and Bureau of Science Communication of CAS was held at Beijing Union University. 8 independent, self-confident, intellectual and beautiful female guests who come from science, humanity and entrepreneurship field participated the forum.

Associate Professor Yan Yan is the first invited guest from UCAS. Her speech topic is “Model First to Governing the Country by Thought”. This topic also is her first lesson in the Macro-economics class. She connected the main economic and financial events building upon this theme. Her excellent speech made the students feel that Macro- economic is not far from their life.

Various media reported the SELF Forum including Xinhua Online,Peoples Network, Tencent Online Media Group etc. They spoke highly of her speech. She Shared her idea about how to use mathematical model to predict and analyze the economic trends and Let the audience know economics has a significant influence on the social life.

SELF Forum is a public forum which is founded by Network Information Center and Bureau of Science Communication of CAS. It advocate to explore science and technology, education, life and future development, encourage the free expression of independent personality and thought. It also advocate looking at the development of other areas from an outsider's perspective such as culture and art in scientists eyes, education and philosophy of life in entrepreneur eyes etc. They hope thought can across boundaries of industry and illuminate the future of innovation and development.