The Economics and Management School Hold A Lecture Titled “Production Safety and Emergency Management” During the National Security Education Week

April 16,the Economics and Management School Hold a Lecture, Titled “Production Safety and Emergency Management”. The former director of China Institute of Safety Production and the member of Emergency Management Expert Group of the State Council Pro.Liu Tieming gave the lecture. The dean of Economics and Management School Pro.Wang Shouyang hosted the lecture. Associate dean Qiao Han and more than 150 graduate students attended the lecture.

Pro. Liu first lists the Yangtze river shipwreck, factory fire explosion, landslides, the explosion in Tianjin and other emergency incidents. Then he did comparison and analysis among Beijing Miyun stampede in 2004, the bund stampede in 2014 and the New Year carnival at New York Times Square In 2014.  It is very thought-provoking that one was very in utter disorder as well as another one was in good order. The main content of the lecture are the major incident scene building profiles, main scientific problems in scenario building, and scenario building technical method and emergency preparedness.

Pro. Liu pointed out that the core of major emergency is well-prepared. Major disaster frequency in China highlight the defects in risk management and emergency preparedness system. Specific performance in security foundation weak, lack of emergency preparedness, overlapping command system, information communication stumble. At last he summarized the formation process of major emergency response capability. He emphasize we need to form a continuous improvement work cycle.