Professor Yueh-Ting Lee from Southern Illinois University Made an Academic Report at Our School

On June 15, Professor Yueh-Ting Lee, Dean of Graduate School of Southern Illinois University, made a wonderful report to the faculty and students of our school. The report was entitled Stereotyping, Social Totem Evolution Psychology and chaired by Dean Wang Shouyang.

According to his research on social psychology, nations and cultures in the past 30 years and recent research on Darwin evolutionary psychology and human totem worship, Professor Lee considered stereotyping as product of totem recognition and belief. In order to live, human had to have stereotyping. In the report, Professor Lee introduced the proof he collected in the research of stereotyping and put forward the EPA theory of stereotyping. He also introduced the research of totemism and shamanism of the Chinese nation and American Indians in traditional belied ad civilization. The research was quite important to promoting cross cultural cooperation and understanding between Chinese and U.S. psychology and management studies.