The School of Economics and Management held working conference for AACSB Accreditation

On the afternoon of March 14, School of Econoimics and Management held working conference for AACSB Accreditation, which was chaired by the associate dean Desheng Wu. The executive dean Jichang Dong, secretary of the party committee Hongjun Tan, associate dean Han Qiao, Jiancheng Guan, Yinqiu Song, Qiguo Gong, Chaoying Tang and other teach representatives, as well as all the administrative faculty of the School attended this conference.

At the beginning, Desheng Wu briefed the accreditation progress of the School and the feedback on iSER given by the AACSB International, encouraged the International Accreditation Office to keep making efforts, to further strengthen the communication with the teaching and administrative faculty, and also mobilized the whole school to rapidly and orderly carry out the accreditation work as an entirety.

Next, Hongjun Tan stressed the necessity of international accreditation and its significant meaning to the School, called on all the faculty to actively participate in or assist in the subsequent certification work.

Jichang Dong pointed out that the required duration of getting AACSB Accreditation is relatively long, while which is also the period of continuously reforming and improving the School’s self-construction. The School should take advantage of this opportunity to promote the classified management of the faulty and to improve the level of internal human resource management in accordance with accreditation standards.

Then the International Accreditation Office introduced the School’s current phase toward AACSB accreditation and subsequent working plan in the future. The participating teachers put forward their own suggestions and opinions on the related works of accreditation and expressed their support.