The School of Economics and Management undertakes the Project Research on "Chinese Academy of Sciences Further Promoting the Development of Civilian-military Integration"

On March 16, the launching meeting of the "Research on In-depth Promotion of Civil-Military Integration by the Chinese Academy of Sciences" was held in Beijing. Prof. Lin Xiao, Director of the Research Department of UCAS, Prof. Zhang Zhaoyin, Director of the Research Center for Civil-Military Integration of the School of Economics and Management of UCAS, and Associate Professor Zhou Guanghui participated in the launching meeting. The project is headed by Researcher Xiang Libin, Party member and vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and it is divided into five subjects. The School of Economics and Management, UCAS has undertaken the third task "the strategic mission and general thinking of the civil-military integration of CAS in the new era".

Researcher Xiang Libin, Party member and vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Central Civil-Military Integration Development Committee Office Strategic Planning Bureau, CMC Equipment Development Department of the Integrated Planning Bureau, CMC Science and Technology Commission, Strategic Planning Office of the Military and Civil Integration Bureau, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Scientific Research Department of CAS, Development Planning Bureau, The Department of Condition Guarantee and Finance Bureau, Project Management Center and other departments, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, with a total of more than 60 people, nearly 30 research institutes of relevant principals, representatives, experts, as well as the project team researchers attended the meeting. The meeting is chaired by Researcher Yu Yingjie, the overall project team leader and the deputy director of CAS Major Task Bureau.

Professor Pan Jiaofeng, president of the Institute of Scientific and Technological Strategic Consulting of CAS, who is the co-leader of the overall project team, introduced the overall situation of the project, and held comprehensive and in-depth discussions on the research objectives and needs of the project, key issues, the organization and promotion mechanism, and the establishment of a research platform for civil-military integration with participating experts and delegates, and put forward valuable opinions and advices.

Vice President Xiang Libin put forward three requirements for project research and implementation: First, we should pay attention to foresight and leadership, think through the perspective of national development strategy, analyze and solve problems based on the experiences and lessons learned from scientific research practice; second, we should give full play to the role of the overall project team and the supporting units of the science and technology strategic advisory institutes to form insightful opinions and suggestions, put forward practical measures and programs, each participating unit should attach great importance to actively cooperate with the Strategic Development Institute; third, through the implementation of the project, a platform for the research on the strategy of civil-military integration development of CAS should be formed to support the in-depth implementation of civil-military integration development of CAS.

The School of Economics and Management of UCAS will further integrate scientific research forces, strengthen the research on the development strategy of civil-military integration, and strive to become an important think-tank for the development of civil-military integration in China.