Practice and Case Analysis of Corporate Governance --Mr. Shen Meng, Director of Xiangsong Capital, was invited as a guest of MBA class

On March 21, Mr. Shen Meng, Director of Xiangsong Capital and a special commentator of several financial media at home and abroad, was invited to teach an MBA class at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He gave a lecture on the topic of "Practice and Case Analysis of Corporate Governance" to the 2017 MBA class and gave a wonderful interactive question-and-answer session. The lecture was chaired by Professor Liu Jianyao.

Mr. Shen Meng first introduced his professional experience. He has been engaged in corporate mergers and acquisitions, investment and financing in mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore for more than 10 years. He founded and led the boutique investment bank Xiangsong Capital in 2013. He has extensive experience in cross-border and regional transaction matchmaking, assisted North America, Western Europe, East and Southeast Asia and Australia in investing in Chinese state-owned enterprises, and actively promoted the restructuring of Chinese private companies.

In class, Professor Liu Jianyao exchanged views with Mr. Shen Meng on the issue of corporate governance. Mr. Shen Meng believed that the main problem of corporate governance was "how shareholders restrict management"-how to balance the relationship between shareholders, the board of directors and the board of supervisors. In Mr. Shen Meng's view, the overall level of corporate governance of domestic enterprises is not high. He took "the fight between Vanke and Baoneng Group" as an example, pointed out that the current corporate governance in China is that whoever has a large number of shares will decide. For the question" Baoneng Group buying Vanke is legitimate or not" which Professor Liu Jianyao proposed, Mr. Shen Meng said, at that time the procedure of Baoneng Group buying Vanke is reasonable, but not in line with the new capital rules.

After that, Mr. Shen Meng interacted with students to answer questions and exchange views on the LeTV Company and capital crisis, the equity distribution of start-ups, the relationship between equity and control rights, and agricultural investment issues, etc. Mr. Shen Meng, from a professional point of view, combined with specific cases, thoroughly answered and explained the issues of concern to everyone, and won unanimous applause.