Ninth Xinjiang Ph. D class enters the Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences

On the afternoon of March 23, all the students of the Ninth Xinjiang Ph.D. Class of the School of Economics and Management of UCAS, under the leadership of their head teacher, Liu Haiyan, went into the Academy of Mathematics and Systems of CAS (hereinafter referred to as the Academy of Mathematics and Systems) to get a close look at the research center, which has important influence in the world, trains and educates senior talents, and provides research and consultation for the national economy and national defense construction.

In the Museum of Mathematics, an exhibition on the theme of "Climbing and Glory-An Extraordinary Journey" opened a historical scroll for the students in five chapters, detailing an extraordinary journey from the birth of the Institute of Mathematics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, which was established in 1952, the first mathematical research institution in new China, to the establishment and development of the Academy of Mathematics and Systems Sciences of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1998.

Over the past 60 years, Prof. Su Buqing, Hua Luogeng and other scholars has pass down patriotic dedication, hard work, the courage to innovate, and constantly climb from generation to generation, making an indelible contribution for our science and technology development. As Hua Luogeng, Chen Jingrun, and a number of other mathematicians, enter into the students' vision as the spirit of exploration, as this independent mathematics kingdom unfolds a page behind the story, we can not help but sigh, such great gathering talents, fruitful and strong tradition of scientific research, and profound cultural heritage.

At the "Decision-Making Theater" for Predictive Scientific Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yang Cuihong, deputy director of the Center, along with Liu Xiuli, Fang Yong, Wang Jue, and Dr. Wei Yunjie, received the visit of the Xinjiang PhD class and welcomed them all.

Liu Xiuli Researcher and Fangyong Deputy Researcher introduced the Research Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Key Laboratory of Management Decision and Information System respectively, Dr. Wei led us to experience the policy simulation system of Decision-Making Theater. Finally, Yang Cuihong researcher, taking the grain forecast as an example, introduced the common methods of forecasting, and reviewed relevant situation of national major scientific research task and macroscopic decisions in several years.

At the end of the visit, the students had a full exchange with all the scholars and teachers around the problems in their work and study.