Four professors were selected in Elsevier's list of Chinese Most Cited Researchers 2018

On January 17, 2019, Elsevier, an academic publishing giant, officially released the list of Chinese Most Cited Researchers 2018, which included 1899 scholars in China. Four professors of School of Economics and Management were selected in the list, including Professor Yong Shi in the field of computer science, Professor Xielin Liu in the field of business, management and accounting, Professor Jiancheng Guan and Professor Linxiu Zhang in the field of social science.


The list of Chinese Most Cited Researchers adopts the methods and standards developed by Shanghai Soft Education Information Consulting Co., Ltd. Based on the objective cited data, the result comes from the systematic analysis of the influence of Chinese researchers in the world. As a partner, Elsevier's Scopus database provides data support and technical implementation for the list.


Scopus is the largest index abstract database of peer-reviewed academic papers in the world. It provides a large number of documents, authors and research institutes related to scientific research activities, which makes it possible to scientifically analyze and evaluate the world influence of Chinese scholars.