SEM and Dongxu Group Signed School-Enterprise Strategic Cooperation Agreement

On January 24, 2019, "The signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between the School of Economics and Management of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Dongxu Group and Finance Services Entity Economy Symposium" was held in Beijing. Wang Shouyang, Dean of the School of Economics and Management, Li Quannian, Executive Vice President of Dongxu Group, on behalf of each side, signed the agreement.


According to the agreement, School of Economics and Management and the Dongxu Group will cooperate in various business sectors to create a new model of school-enterprise cooperation, implement the spirit innovation strategy, and promote steady development of related industries. This cooperation is a strong alliance under the background of industrial structure transformation and supply-side reform in China, which is conducive to the overall speed-up of enterprise technology research development process and the continuous optimization of talent teams. On the one hand, this cooperation will help the rapid marketization of new technologies and new achievements. On the other hand, it also fully demonstrates the mechanism advantage and epochal significance of the school-enterprise synergy and industry-university-research linkage.


At the subsequent symposium on “Financial Services Entity Economy”, authoritative experts from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and a number of well-known financial institutions began academic exchanges.


At the same time, the guests also analyzed and put forward their insights on the hot issues involved in the integration of industry and finance. After in-depth discussions, the meeting reached consensus on the following points:

At the macro level, China has clearly proposed a development path combining scientific research with industry, vigorously supporting science and technology from the laboratory to the market, and then providing core support for industrial development, which provides a policy environment for the optimization of the combination of industry and finance.

As far as the international situation is concerned, international investment institutions are generally optimistic about China's economic situation and attach great importance to the potential of the Chinese market. Therefore, relevant industries should establish confidence and rationally formulate development strategies to achieve stability and scientific development.

In the practice of combining industry and finance, we should pay attention to the research development and use of new financial instruments, rather than relying on the single channel of banking, financial innovation should become an important starting point for opening up the work situation.

Cut in from a technical perspective. The industry should actively focus on new technologies, new trends, and new highlights to achieve first-mover advantage. For example, the breakthrough of blockchain technology has opened up the bottleneck of supply chain finance and has greatly supported the financial industry.