Professor Mohamed Wahab of the University of ralson Starts Classes at the International Summer School of Management Science and Engineering

On the morning of July 1, 2019, the International Summer School of Management Science and Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences officially opened in Yan qihu campus. Professor Mohamed Ismail and Mohamed Wahab from Ryerson University taught the excellent course "Supply Chain Management and Data Analysis" to the students of summer school.


Taking the structure of supply chain as the starting point and combining with the latest theoretical research in the field of management and North American enterprise management practice, Professor Wahab first introduced the theory and practice of inventory management, production planning management and supply chain coordination. Then, Professor Wahab introduced the market environment with uncertain demand and deeply analyzed many difficulties of supply chain management in this uncertain-demand- market environment. Based on the analysis of various challenges faced by production planning and inventory management in the uncertain demand market environment, he pointed out that forecasting market behavior is an extremely important part of supply chain management. Finally, Professor Wahab focused on the prediction models commonly used in supply chain management.


In the course of teaching, Professor Wahab interacted and discussed with the students frequently, creating a warm classroom atmosphere.