Director of International Certification of Beijing University of Science and Technology Shared AACSB Certification Experience

On July 10, 2019, at the invitation of the international certification office of our school, Mrs. Zhao Xia from Beijing University of science and technology, assistant dean and director of international certification of Dongling School of management, Beijing University of science and technology, came to our school to share the experience of AACSB International Certification, and gave pertinent suggestions on the AACSB International Certification of our school. The Institute's international certification director and some editing teachers participated in this sharing and exchange activity.


Mrs. Zhao Xia first introduced the international certification of Dongling School of management, Beijing University of science and technology, and described the highlights and shortcomings in the process of AACSB International Certification of Dongling School of management. Then, she introduced the AACSB International certification process, and described the requirements of the international certification process in detail according to chapters. She focused on the relevant operation process of AOL, which is an important part of AACSB certification. At the meantime, she detailed the steps decomposition in AOL process of the teaching quality assurance system, projects, the design and continuing improvement of curriculum learning objectives and learning segmentation objectives, and sharing experience combined with specific cases.


In the process of sharing, Mr. Zhao stressed that in the process of certification, special attention should be paid to the details of writing certification reports, to help participants effectively understand the abstract certification standards and how to operate in teaching practice. Finally, Mrs. Zhao shared the skills of writing and checking the curriculum vitae and collecting the data of the curriculum vitae, and summarized the common mistakes and neglects in the process of certification implementation.


After Mrs. Zhao Xia's introduction, our participating teachers shared their achievements in the process of international certification, and put forward some questions about the process of AACSB International Certification to Mrs. Zhao Xia. Mrs. Zhao answered the questions raised by the teachers seriously, and the atmosphere of on-site discussion and exchange was strong.


Through this exchange and sharing, our teachers have deepened their grasp of the specific details of the implementation process of the international certification, which has played a good role in promoting the AACSB International Certification.