The 6th IEEE Risk Analysis Seminar Was Successfully Held Online

From July 6 to 7, 2021, "the 6th IEEE Risk Analysis Seminar" and "Intelligent Decision Branch of Society of Management Science and Engineering China" and "Intelligent Decision Branch of Chinese Society of Technology and Economics" were successfully held online. The theme of the conference was "Risk Perception and Intelligent Decision-making in complex social information networks", which attracted more than 170 teachers and students from well-known universities and scientific research institutions at home and abroad. The Conference was undertaken by SEM, UCAS.


Professor Desheng Wu of SEM UCAS, and Professor James H. Lambert of University of Virginia co-chaired the conference. Junshe Dong, Executive Deputy Secretary of the Party committee and Vice President of UCAS, Professor Yongmiao Hong, Dean of SEM of UCAS, ProfessorJun Guan of Beijing University Of Technology and Secretary General of the Society of Management Science and Engineering,Professor James H. Lambert, Professor Luis Seco, Director of the Risk Laboratory of the University of Toronto, delivered welcome speeches in turn on the opening ceremony of the conference.


After the opening ceremony entered the keynote speech. Professor John R. Birge of the University of Chicago, Professor Alice E. Smith of Auburn University, Professor Luis Seco of the University of Toronto, Professor Opher Baron of the University of Toronto, Professor James H. Lambert of the University of Virginia, Professor Pengfei Guo of the City University of Hong Kong, Professor Suzanne de Treville at the Swiss Institute of finance, went online in turn to give speeches on“The impact of supply chain network structure on risk propagation ”、“Decision Science Inspired by Nature”、“Capacity Rationing in Multi-server, Non-preemptive Priority Queues”、“Resilience of Engineering and Enterprise Systems”、“Optimal Queue Length Information Disclosure When Service Quality is Uncertain”、“Valuing Supply Chain Responsiveness and Resilience” and other topics.


Three parallel sub forums were held during the conference. The participating experts had full exchanges and heated discussions on many hot topics such as supply chain security, future development of artificial intelligence and risk intelligent decision-making.