MBA team of SEM Won the First Prize of the National Finals of "Peaktime" Business Competition

From April 13 to 17, 2022, the finals of the 14th "Peaktime" national simulation competition, hosted by the "Peaktime" China Competition Organizing Committee, organized by Xi'an Jiaotong University and supported by Cesim company of Finland, were held online. After five-day rounds of fierce competition, the "Blue Windmill" team of SEM, UCAS stood out among 55 University finals and won the national first prize of MBA / graduate group in the finals of the 14th "Peaktime" national business simulation competition.   

"Peaktime Competition" originates from the world-famous business simulation competition Peaktime in Northern Europe and has been introduced into China since 2008. The competition aims to improve students' comprehensive ability and soft business skills, mobilize students' learning initiative, and integrate explicit and tacit knowledge of business management. At present, the event has become one of the most influential business simulation competitions in the world. According to the data of the Organizing Committee, this year’s event is the largest one of the "Peaktime" so far, with more than 1700 teams and more than 160 institutions registered for the preliminary competition. After the preliminary and semi-finals, 40 teams in the undergraduate group and 55 teams in the MBA / graduate group entered the finals.

The team "Blue Windmill" is composed of four members, namely, Kaichang Que, Chengxia Ren, Jili Chen and Zhen Wei, with Associate Prof. Tao Lu as the instructor. The final consists of three parts: English display, online business operation simulation and business demonstration defense. In the online simulation part, the new Cesim retail system is enabled, and the business report adopts the analysis of the case of the automotive industry in a carbon neutral environment.