MBA YaSha Team Was Selected into “Chuangyijia” Project of UCAS Education Foundation

UCAS Education Foundation launched the first "Chuangyijia" project in February 2022, taking "public interests, feasibility, influence and sustainability" as the main evaluation principle, selecting excellent teams to carry out public activities beneficial both to the campus and the society.


On April 12, the MBA YaSha team of SEM was informed to be selected into the list, standing out from 84 candidate teams.


MBA YaSha team is committed to the publicity and competition activities of " Asia-Pacific Business Schools Desert Adventure (YaSha)". SEM of UCAS is one of the founding schools of YaSha and MBA YaSha team has won the highest honor of the competition for 4 times.




Through the organization and participation of the event, students' abilities in leadership, execution, team work, sense of social responsibility, organization and management, communication and time management can be improved a lot. YaSha is the best management teaching practice. It not only shows the spirit of striving for progress and eager for breakthrough, but also promotes communication and integration among business schools. At the same time, the event takes "environmental protection, cooperation, persistence and responsibility" as the core principle. The team also hopes to influence and change more people by participating in the event.