SEM and RESSET held a Seminar on Text Data

On the afternoon of May 23, 2022, SEM and RESSET Data Technology Co., Ltd. held an online seminar on Text Data. More than 30 instructors from SEM attended the meeting to discuss and exchange with representatives from RESSET on the use of text data and database construction.


Professor Shouyang Wang, director of MOE’s key Laboratory, pointed out that SEM had always attached great importance to infrastructure construction. SEM has established cooperation with three data technology companies including Reuters Group, and has set up joint laboratories with each of them. RESSET has outstanding advantages in the construction of text database and it is believed that the cooperation between the two will achieve fruitful results.


Professor Yongmiao Hong, Dean of SEM, hoped that the seminar could discuss how to build the MOE key laboratory and how to promote SEM to play a leading role in using the new text data for economics and management research.


Ms. Songqing Yue, General manager of RESSET, introduced the history of the company and its development. The company was established in 2006 and officially launched the financial text analysis platform in 2019. Although it has made some research achievements, with the rapid development of big data and data processing technology and the continuous improvement of the application value of text data, the company's products need to be continuously upgraded and innovated. It is hoped that through cooperation with SEM, the company will generate sustainable development for its text data platform.


Mr. Yongsheng Nie, R & D Manager of RESSET then introduced the solutions, platform features and functions of its text analysis platform in detail.


In the discussion, the participating instructors talked about their experience of using RESSET text analysis platform, and put forward their suggestions on the problems they encountered in the use and how to improve the modules, functions, interfaces, etc. RESSET said that it would continuously improve the functions of the platform and upgrade the platform contents and services according to the suggestions.



heated discussion


At the meeting, SEM and RESSET also signed a cooperation agreement on jointly building a text data research center, SEM -RESSET Text Data Research Center. The two sides agree to carry out cooperative exploration and research around financial data, high-frequency data, economic data, text data and characteristic data. The center will engage in the development and promotion of text databases, cooperate in giving lectures and training related to text data analysis methods and courses related to text data.