SEM Organized A Sharing Session on Overseas PhD Application

On June 10, 2022, SEM organized an online seminar on overseas PhD application. Haoqing Wang and Shasha Cao from SEM were invited to share their experience in applying for PhD in Hong Kong and North America.


Haoqing Wang is a 2019 master candidate, whose research interests are virtual business and logistics management. She has published 3 papers on domestic and international journals such as Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services and Management Review and she will go to the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to study for a doctorate.


Shasha Cao is a 2018 master candidate, whose research fields are virtual business and information systems. She has published one paper on the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services and one working paper. She received PhD admission letters from seven business schools in North America with full scholarship, and will soon go to W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University to study.


Haoqing Wang first made a comprehensive and detailed summary of the process of applying for PhD in Hong Kong universities. She mentioned that the normal time to apply for PhD in Hong Kong universities is from October to December, mainly involving identifying desired tutors and institutions, preparing relevant materials, completing the online application system and interviews. She focused on the research proposal and the questions that may be raised during the interview, and suggested that the interview be prepared from the perspective of academic experience, academic courses, research plans and school selection decisions.



Shasha Cao mainly shared her experience in applying for PhD in North American universities. In terms of the selection of schools, she suggested to find the ranking of target universities on the UTD official website as an important reference. Regarding the selection of tutors, she suggested to get the tutor's information from the tutor's home page, focusing on the tutor's research directions, papers published, and the whereabouts of graduates. She also suggested to read the tutor's papers, and contact the tutor by e-mail. In terms of the documents, she emphasized that when writing the application letter, the following should be included: determination and motivation to apply for PhD, research interests, career planning, research experience and research plan. Finally, Shasha Cao suggested that everyone should maintain a good spirit throughout the application, and do not lose heart when feeling anxious.



After Haoqing Wang and Shasha Cao finished their sharing, the participants asked about the PhD application details and got patient answers.