SEM Launched the 3rd Summer School in Applied Economics

July 11th, 2022, the 3rd UCAS Summer School in Applied Economics held the opening ceremony. This 5-day event, themed on “Development of Digital Economy”, invited a number of experts and scholars to come together for online teaching and exchange to help high-quality development of China's digital economy. More than 400 students from more than 160 universities at home and abroad gathered online to discuss the development of the digital economy.


Professor Hong Yongmiao, Dean of SEM at UCAS, delivered a welcome speech at the opening ceremony. He reviewed the history of UCAS, introduced the contributions and achievements made by SEM in the field of management and economics, and enumerated the important research achievements of the predecessors at SEM, such as Qian Xuesen's research on engineering management, Hua Luogeng's research on algorithms, Xu Guozhi's research on operations research and systems engineering, which have made great contributions to the development of management science in China. Professor Hong Yongmiao also gave a brief introduction to the development process, faculty, education programs, and advantageous disciplines of SEM, and welcomed scholars at home and abroad to join SEM.


The Summer School is sponsored by SEM, MOE Social Science Lab of Digital Economics Forecasts and Policy Simulation at UCAS, assisted by CAS Center for Forecasting Science, Management Review editorial office, and the Siwei Forum. Professor Wang Shouyang, Hong Yongmiao, Shi Yong, and Yang Xiaoguang of UCAS, Professor Huang Yiping of Peking University, Professor Xie Kang of Zhongshan University, Professor Yang Liyan of the University of Toronto, Professor Wang Xuhui of Northeast University of Finance and Economics, and CAE academician Yang Shanlin, were invited to share relevant research frontiers for students.


SEM launched the Summer School of Applied Economics in 2019, and has successfully hosted the Summer School for two times. The theme of the first Summer School is “Reflections on China's Economics”, and the theme of the second Summer School is “Innovation of Economic Theory in the Digital Age”. Each Summer School invites famous economists to make relevant reports, share ideas, give courses, promote academic exchanges and cooperation in the field of applied economics in China, therefore promote the development of applied economics in China.