The 7th IEEE Symposium on Analytics and Risk (ARTC 2022) Was Successfully Held Online

From July 8th to 9th, 2022, "The 7th IEEE Risk Analysis Seminar (ARTC 2022)" and "International Summer Forum on Management Science and Engineering" was successfully online. The seminar was hosted by the Service Engineering Branch of the Systems Engineering Society of China, the Intelligent Decision Branch of the Management Science and Engineering Society of China, and the Decision Intelligence Branch of the Chinese Society of Technology Economics, organized by UCAS School of Economics and Management, Center for Environmental Economics, and the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. IEEE SMC Technical Committee on Social and Economic Security, IEEE Systems Council Analytics and Risk Technical Committee co-organized the seminar.


The theme of the seminar was "Intelligent Decision-making and Risk Analysis in Complex Social Information Networks", which attracted more than 300 teachers and students from well-known universities and research institutions at home and abroad, including the University of Chicago, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Virginia, the University of Lausanne, the University of Glasgow, the University of Toronto, the University of Lisbon, Emlyon Business School, and the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc.


The seminar was officially opened on July 8th. Professor Wu Desheng, Dean of UCAS School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Chairman of the seminar, introduced the development of IEEE ARTC Seminar and the participants, and expressed his gratitude to the guests at home and abroad for their long-term support. Professor John R. Birge, Chief Editor of Operations Research, Professor David Simchi Levi, Chief Editor of Management Science, Professor Alice E. Smith, Chief Editor of INFORMS Journal on Computing, and Professor Kalyan Singhal, Chief Editor of Production and Operation Management Journal, and many other well-known scholars reported on the seminar.



Opening ceremony of the seminar


At the opening ceremony, Dong Junshe, Executive Deputy Party Secretary and Vice President of UCAS, Hu Xiangpei, Vice Chairman of the Systems Engineering Society of China, Niu Dongxiao, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Society of Technology Economics, Guan Jun, Secretary General of the Management Science and Engineering Society of China, Hong Yongmiao, Dean of UCAS School of Economics and Management, Professor John R. Birge of the University of Chicago, and James H. of the University of Virginia, delivered welcome speeches in turn.



After the opening ceremony, seven experts delivered their keynote speeches. Professor John R. Birge from the University of Chicago brought “Endogenizing Network Topology in Systemic Risk Models”. Professor Alice E. Smith Auburn University brought “Design Optimization Inspired by Nature”. Professor Kalyan Singhal from the University of Baltimore brought “Customer-Focused Manufacturing for the 21st Century: Examples from the Auto Industry”. Professor Gong Yeming from Emlyon Business School brought “AI and Management Sciences: New theories and methodologies”. Professor Luis A. Seco from the University of Toronto brought “Technology Innovation for Socially Responsible Investing”. Professor Suzanne de Treville from Swiss Finance Institute brought “Valuing Supply-Chain Responsiveness and Resilience”. Professor Francisco Saldanha-da-Gama from the University of Lisbon brought “Multi-criteria Chance-Constrained Facility Location: A Tool for Disaster Operations Management”.


Following were three parallel sub-forums. In the first sub-forum, Dr. Behzad Abbasnejad from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology made a report with the theme of "Research on the Cost of Poor Quality Construction (PQC): A Systematic Review". In the second sub-forum, Dr. Mary Nthambl from the University of Glasgow made a report on "Understanding decision making and household health production in human and livestock systems within Sub Saharan Africa: A review". In the third sub-forum, Dr. Liu Shanghai from the University of the University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences presented a report entitled "Business model and credit risk analysis for Chinese real estate developers". In addition, scholars and young students from Brandenburg University of Technology, Universiti Putra Malaysia, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Forestry University and other universities also made presentations in their respective research fields.


On the 9th, the keynote speeches were delivered by three experts, namely, Professor David Simchi-Levi from Massachusetts Institute of Technology “Supply Chain Resiliency and the Need for Stress-Tests”, Professor James H. Lamberton the University of Virginia “Resilience of Engineering and Enterprise Systems”, and Professor Peng Shi from the University of Adelaide “Innovative Business Models in Ocean-Bound Plastic Recycling”.


Lastly, Professor Wu Desheng made a closing remark. The participants had academic exchanges and discussions on credit risk, supply chain security, application and development of artificial intelligence, environmental economics and emergency management and other hot topics and the latest research progress. The seminar built an international academic exchange platform for scholars and research groups in the field of risk management and intelligent decision, and promoted the development of risk intelligence and decision research in the current complex environment.