SEM Held Opening Ceremony for New Students of 2022

On August 27, 2022, SEM held a grand opening ceremony for the new students of 2022. The university officials, SEM leadership team, faculty representatives, and 566 new students attended the ceremony.




Dong Junshe, Executive Deputy Party Secretary and Vice President of UCAS, extended a warm welcome to the new students on behalf of the university. He introduced the achievements made by UCAS in talent training, scientific research and social services during its 40 years of schooling, as well as its great success in exploring a model of integration of science with education. He hoped that the students would work hard to obtain true knowledge, develop real skills and meet the incredible future!


Hong Yongmiao, on behalf of SEM, welcomed 566 new students. He introduced the history of and educational characteristics of SEM, and hoped that students would cherish the precious learning time, seek truth in learning and strive for progress. He also hoped that students could aim high and pursue excellence and work hard to make great contributions worthy of the times.


Xu Yanmei, as the representative of the faculty of SEM, welcomed the students to study at UCAS. She talked about her experience in education and hoped that students have expectations of themselves and be a person that benefits the society.


Then six student representatives expressed their joy of starting a new journey in SEM. They wished each student could achieve their goals, realize their dreams, and shine in their beloved fields.