SEM Faculty Won 10 NSFC Projects

On September 8, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) announced the winners of NSFC's projects. SEM received funding for a total of 10 projects, including a key project, an international cooperation project, five general projects and three youth science fund projects. The total number of projects approved by NSFC ranks first among the Schools of UCAS.

Projects approved by NSFC are as follows:

1.Decision Behavior and Collaborative Management Theory and Method of Man-machine System

2. Market Mechanism, Operation Financing and Risk Decision of Platform Economy

3. Assessment Modeling and Carbon Neutral Path Design under the Constraint of Mineral Resources

4. Standardization, Modularization and Engineering of Agent Modeling and Simulation for Complex Management System

5. Algorithm Governance Based on Welfare Effect Evaluation

6. Deep Learning Efficiency Based on Optimization

7. Supply Chain Elasticity Design Based on Emergency Reserve and Resources and Integrated Optimization of Interruption Recovery Strategy for Interruption Risk

8. Collaborative Governance Mechanism of Urban Residential Community Renewal from the Perspective of Consensus Decision-making

9. Time Series Dynamic Integration Prediction Modeling Based on Multi-source Information Fusion

10. Personalized Customization Oriented Resource Dynamic Reconfiguration and Scheduling for Cloud Manufacturing Workshop