Cases Written by SEM Faculty Won "National Excellent Management Cases" Award

China National MBA Education Supervisory Committee announced the list of winners of the 13th "National Excellent Management Cases" Award on September 1, 2022. The case "A Matter of Trial and Error: A Pioneering Road to Retail Internationalization of MINISO" written by SEM Associate Professor Tian Xin and his team, and the case "Employment Adjustment and Breakthrough of IM COMING Cloud Ordering" by SEM Associate Professor Yang Mengxi and his team, won the award.


"National Excellent Management Cases" Award " is the highest award for management cases in China. China National MBA Education Supervisory Committee has organized the competition since 2010, and it has been successfully held for 13 years. In 2022, a total of 1395 cases were submitted by 176 colleges and universities nationwide, and 190 cases won the final award.


In recent years, SEM has attached great importance to case development and case studies. There have been cases selected into " National Excellent Management Cases" Award every year. SEM encourages the faculty to constantly enrich and optimize the teaching resources and innovate the teaching modes so as to further promote the quality of graduate education.