SEM Faculty Published Papers in Humanities & Social Sciences Communications

Recently, SEM faculty published two papers in the journal Humanities & Social Sciences Communications, a sub journal of Nature.


The paper “Identification of tourists’ dynamic risk perception—the situation in Tibet”by Feng Yuyao, Li Jianping and etc., taking Tibet as an example, identifies and depicts the dynamic differences of tourists' risk perception before they travel to the destination with the help of multi-source text data. The research is helpful for tourists to make travelling decisions and for governmental departments to make risk management policies.



Another paper “What drives reputational risk? Evidence from textual risk disclosures in financial statements” by Zhu Xiaoqian, Wang Yinghui and Li Jianping, systematically identifies the driving factors of reputation risk and their importance is measured. The research provides a theoretical basis for more accurate reputation risk measurement, and is helpful for companies and regulators to prospectively manage the reputational risk.