Chief Economist of Bit Mining Limited Dr. Yang Youwei Will Give a Course on Financial Science and Technology at SEM

Financial science and technology is one of the important research fields of SEM and the School has always attached great importance to offer innovative courses that reflect the progress of the discipline and the forefront of industrial development. Financial science and technology has been listed as a featured optional course for the Professional Master of Finance Program, the AI and its Application MBA Program, the Financial MBA Program, and the Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship MBA Program.


Dr. Yang Youwei, the chief economist of Bit Mining Limited will invited to teach the course in the spring semester 2023. Dr. Yang has rich experience both in theoretical research and practice in the field of financial technology. The course will focus on the following topics: blockchain and application, central bank digital currency, electronic payment, big data and machine learning, AI and quantitative trading, digital economy and financial innovation.