The Third " Siwei Cheng Global Award" Was Revealed

On May 4,2003, the third " Siwei Cheng Global Award·Complexity Management" was revealed in Beijing. The domestic achievement is "Digitalized, networked and intelligent management theory and application of complex products throughout their life cycle " by Professor Shanlin Yang. The international achievement is "Helping bring 'rational expectations' into macroeconomics and time series econometrics" by Professor Thomas Sargent. The international achievement is Professor Thomas Sargent's Helping bring 'rational expectations' into macroeconomics and time series econometrics.

Professor Shanlin Yang is a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. He is an expert in management science and information system engineering, and he is mainly engaged in the research of intelligent decision theory and technology, information system theory and technology, and strategic planning and system management theory. His research results have provided systematic and fundamental theoretical support for the digital transformation of manufacturing industries and the development of digital economy at home and abroad, and have been widely used in the practice of complex product engineering management in enterprises.


Professor Sargent focuses on macroeconomics, international economics, quantitative finance, artificial intelligence and big data. He is also the 2011 Nobel Prize winner in economics. In recent years, he has focused on fintech research, especially the development of fintech in China. He introduced "rational expectations" into macroeconomics and econometrics, created the microstructure foundation of modern dynamic macroeconomics, and explored the logic of macroeconomic operation from the perspective of complexity.



The " Siwei Cheng Global Prize" is awarded to scholars at home and abroad who have conducted in-depth exploration in the research and practice areas founded or supported by Professor Siwei Cheng (including but not limited to venture capital, virtual economy, complexity management, virtual business, financial technology, digital economy, macroeconomics, international finance, capital market, etc.) and have proposed relevant economic or management theories and methods that are consistent with China's national conditions. The third" Siwei Cheng Global Prize" is focused on outstanding achievements in the study of the digital economy using the complexity management approach.