Vice Dean Zhao Hong Hosted Forum Sesion of CAS Youth Entrepreneurial Competition 2012

On the afternoon of April 28, the opening ceremony of 5th CAS Youth Entrepreneurial Competition was held in the auditorium of Yuquan Campus. The competition was jointly sponsored by CAS Youth League Committee and GUCAS Youth League Committee.   


the Forum Session


Prof. Zhao Hong, vice dean of the School of Management was invited to host the Forum Session “ The New Age: Our Entrepreneurial Opportunity”. Ms. XiaHuaChairman of Eve Gtoup(, Mr. Tang Bin, CEO of, Mr. Huang Lilu, president of Zhisland, and Mr. Zuo Chun, president of SinaSoft attended the forum and shared their entrepreneurial beliefs with the audience.


Prof. Zhao Hong is hosting the forum session


Tang Bin said:“ Entrepreneurship is not simply creating wealth. It’s like falling in love, finding the right opportunity and the right person to create a second life.”


Xia Hua said: “ Entrepreneurship is a behavior art. Whatever the behavior is, it will leave life with rich marks.”


Huang Lilu said: “ Entrepreneurship is not the only choice for future development. I enjoy doing things, so I do things . ”


The guests also discussed “Entrepreneurship and Love” and answered questions form the audience. The forum came to a close in the warm applause.