GUCAS Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with China University of Political Science and Law(CUPL)

On the morning of May 16, Prof. Wang Ying, Vice President of GUCAS, Prof. Gao Suixiang, President Assistant of GUCAS, Prof. Cheng Siwei, Dean of School of Management, GUCAS and Prof. Zhao Hong, Vice Dean of School of Management, GUCAS, were invited to participate in the 60th anniversary of CUPL’s founding. More than 1,600 persons attended the ceremony, including: central government officials, state department and provincial and municipal government representatives, scholars, university presidents from home and abroad, correspondents from more than 30 domestic media, CUPL faculty and students, and other distinguished guests.



On the meeting, Wang Ying, on behalf of GUCAS, signed the strategic joint-cooperation agreement for the Cheng Siwei Modern Finance Elite Class with CUPL. CUPL attached great importance to the cooperation with GUCAS. The first talk between the two schools started in January. After that several talks were conducted on training modes, training plans and details in the teaching management. Both sides had agreed on in many aspects six months later. GUCAS would select experts in Finance to join in the training and teaching activities of the Elite Class and provide the students with practice base for research.


Prof. Cheng Siwei delivered a speech at the meeting. The five-minute-long speech won warm applause from the audience. He indicated that the cooperation between GUCAS and CUPL combined the strength of CUPL on law and the strength of FEDS in finance, which would be of great importance to the soundness of financial laws in China. Prof. Cheng also promised to lecture to the student in Elite Class at least once a year and teach senior students by himself.