Dean Cheng Siwei Attended Astana Economic Forum

The 5th International Astana Economic Forum ended successfully on May 25. The forum lasted for 3 days and more than 6,500 delegates from 85 countries and international organizations were present at the forum. They conducted vast discussions centering on the theme of Challenge and Perspectives of Development.


Dean Cheng Siwei attended the forum and accepted the reporters’ interviews. He says, the world is faced with two big challenges: keep the continuous growth of world economy in the short term and reform of international monetary system in the long term.


When asked about the role of China in promoting the world economic recovery, Dean Cheng says that China’s continuous growth is kind of contribution to the world economy as 50% of the world economic growth comes from China. However, Dean Cheng also points out that China should change the mode of economic growth and stick to reform and opening-up. The most fundamental is to develop education, enhance the quality of the population and train innovation-oriented talents. Only in this way can we keep the developing countries contributing to world economy.